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Samsung group gold down for his visit to the xin


On September 25, 2014, the world's highest samsung group white goods purchasing leadership - gold down for visit to our company.As the electronics industry in China the first unit, questioned for the xin is worthy of proud and honored.
In 2014, our company is the samsung group from the world's 2014 possessions voted eight core suppliers in DA Member (DA) club Member.As a city development zone leading enterprises, has won the title by the district government special sure!
The gold down for visiting special attention to the scene of the production workshop management present situation inspection, after AI - SMT - MI - storage and production process of inspection, all very highly of gold down for approval, can say our management has shoulder than with foreign enterprise, and even better!
Gold down during a visit to the scene to summarize the meeting full of encouragement and expectation, xinan constantly encouraged to raise their competitiveness and samsung common progress, common development, xinan with samsung are looking forward to more cooperation opportunities, xinan in samsung promised enjoy the absolute priority right to develop new products, the samsung group development prospect and information for the first time sharing, the existing business volumes up 50% increase in volume!
Gold down for his visit is to encourage more incentive for the xin, we will return after customers with better quality and higher service feedback!!!!!

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